Official Direct Referral Renting !!

This Site Deals With The most important and Necessary part of Bux sites .ie Direct Referral Renting ! We provide A direct referral for our precious costumers @ 1 $ per 3 months At any site except ONBUX and Neobux  !

It is Very benefiting to get a direct referral @1 $ per 3 months .


You bought a direct referral from us. We will click all the ads daily and you will earn about 1.80 $ Per 3  month , and you will have to pay only1 $ out of that.

In 3 months your profited .80 $ on one site without doing anything !

And We promise That we Will be 100 %  Active on your provided site !

You  just have To Fill this form:

Click Here

and the details must be accurate then we will soon contact you through the provided Email !….

BE sure that you will be contacted by and you continue to see you mails daily !

For any queries Comment Below !

  1. Jekianth says:

    I need referrals for both the sites.
    can u get them for me.
    Also why can’t u arrange for onbux & neobux.

  2. ptcspy says:

    By 2.4 $ we Mean that a total of 2.4 $ for both sites for 3 months !

  3. Anil says:

    2.4$ is too much right. You had told 0.2$ per referral per month. so it will be 0.6$ for 3 months right

  4. ptcspy says:

    For 1$ one direct referral for 3 months …

  5. Anil says:

    But what guarantee that they click all 90 days

  6. Anil says:

    I can pay you $2 for Elebux and Palmbux for 3 months

  7. Anil says:

    Or can i get 2 refs in elebux for $2

  8. Anil says:

    I have sent you money. Please start clicking both elebux and palmbux

  9. imransaqib says:

    hi dear admin can you give me some direct ref for my thanks

  10. ptcspy says:

    Already Started !

  11. Aashish Aggarwal says:

    Hey , if anyone wants to buy poker chips click below
    Poker Chips
    it is a very good site !

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